5 Efficient Dental Procedures That May Help Produce a Healthy Smile

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A large number of Boston, MA people think of seeing the dentist as just comprehensive examinations and biannual cleanings. However, there are numerous options offered these days that work to improve cosmetic concerns, like yellow teeth, crooked teeth, chips, and more. Along with leaving your dentist’s office with a cleaner smile, you might also get a brand new smile. The dentists at Downtown Boston Dental provide many versatile treatments to fix various dental imperfections.

Customized smile makeover

A smile makeover treatment plan comprises more than two restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions that serve to transform your teeth. Some of the treatments included in this makeover are teeth whitening, bonding and contouring, changing old fillings, teeth straightening, or porcelain veneers. Your smile makeover is crafted based on your individual goals. Aesthetic dental care has progressed a great deal in the last decade, and a smile makeover has been shown to be remarkable for countless patients.

Dental bonding and contouring

Bonding and contouring with tooth-colored resin is a great treatment for people who desire to fix damaged or discolored teeth without needing to receive a costly oral treatment. This simple treatment necessitates the bonding of tooth-colored composite resin to the affected teeth in order to hide problem areas. Dental bonding and contouring can fill in gaps between the teeth, as well as add length to the teeth to produce a more attractive appearance.

At-home or in-office teeth bleaching

Professional teeth whitening is an overwhelmingly sought-after treatment by men and women at our Boston, MA dental office. This treatment rapidly changes your smile by making it more radiant. Countless individuals want this treatment when they have yellowing throughout their teeth as a result of tobacco use or drinking dark beverages. Our team will figure out the treatment that will be better for your needs depending on the degree of yellowing and condition of your smile.

New fillings

A better replacement for outdated silver fillings is fillings with composite resin. These are the kind of fillings that our staff at Downtown Boston Dental opt to utilize to repair the teeth and fill in dental caries. Tooth-colored fillings are crafted with medical-grade materials and are better options. Last, but not least, they are matched to the shade of your natural teeth and blend in seamlessly. In the event that you require new fillings, or if you need to get rid of your old amalgam ones, fillings with tooth-colored resin are a great alternative to consider.

Ceramic veneers

With a single session alone, dental veneers might enhance anyone's smile. Our Boston, MA professionals prefer to work with porcelain veneers rather than resin because porcelain is less prone to yellowing and creates longer-lasting outcomes. The treatment method of applying porcelain veneers involves the dentist removing a tiny bit of enamel from your natural teeth. Your veneers are then permanently bonded to the front. The completed outcome is a lovely, glowing, even smile that camouflages any of your former dental irregularities.

Discover which solutions can overhaul the look of your smile

In the event that you’d like to know more about the ways life-changing cosmetic dentistry can help, contact our Boston, MA dental facility to book an appointment. You’ll be able to speak with one of our highly trained dentists who will learn about your oral issues, decide if you’re a candidate for a certain treatment, and offer a unique dental program so you can acquire the grin you've dreamed of. We want to meet you and offer you a number of reasons to smile proudly.

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