Why Restoring Gaps In The Smile Is Important For Your Oral Health

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Replacing lost teeth is crucial for your dental and total health, whether you've been living with missing teeth for a period of time or are soon receiving a tooth removal. The experienced team of dentists at Downtown Boston Dental work to fill in lost teeth for our patients and meet with each person (or sometimes children) to identify the preferred method of tooth replacement. Our team hopes that this article provides some understanding of the necessity of replacing gaps in between the teeth. We urge Boston, MA people to call our staff to find out more about their options.

Missing teeth is a significant dental wellness problem and could impact individuals of a wide range of ages. Several of the most common causes of tooth loss in Boston, MA people comprise of:

  • Oral or facial injury
  • Trauma from physical activity
  • Accidents
  • Extreme dental caries
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Extreme tooth deterioration
  • Broken tooth roots
  • Difficult tooth abscesses
  • Emergency dental extractions

Living without just one tooth can result in a diverse spectrum of dental health effects, struggles, and future concerns. Replacing a tooth after a dental extraction or losing a tooth is imperative for several reasons. Perhaps the most fearful aspect of missing a tooth, at least initially, is the effect it will have on the look of the smile. However, teeth serve more purposes than to merely be the focal point of your smile; they also enable normal oral function. Apart from creating an environment for proper dental alignment, teeth also preserve the shape of the cheeks, lips, and chin. Missing teeth could prompt your cheeks to sink inward, which can make an individual look older than their true age.

When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can steadily gravitate toward the gap. These kinds of changes in tooth placement may substantially affect how the top and bottom teeth fit together when eating or speaking. A crooked bite could cause other problems, including dental sensitivity, jaw joint issues, periodontal recession, and weakened tooth enamel, as well as others. Each of the changes that affect the mouth and oral wellness can influence a patient’s capability of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Tooth loss could also carry a negative emotional effect. For numerous Boston, MA individuals, losing a tooth may have a dramatic impact on how they feel when it comes to their appearance. Tooth replacement provided by a team of skilled dental care professionals, like those at Downtown Boston Dental, could help patients feel confident in the way they look and their oral wellness.

At Downtown Boston Dental, our highly qualified team is pleased to provide medical-grade, cost-effective restorations (such as removable dentures, dental implants, and crowns) for tooth substitution. A single appliance created with two or more dental crowns that are combined, bridges serve to take the place of anywhere from one to a handful of teeth missing from a nearby area of the mouth. As another option, dental implants serve to replace lost teeth and consist of a titanium screw that fuses with the jawbone. A customized piece, like a dental bridge, crown, or complete denture, is then placed on the screw. Dental implants are renown because of their lasting benefits and the stable support they bring to the replacement of teeth. Akin to fixed implants, dentures can also replace anywhere from a few lost teeth to a complete arch; the only difference is that dentures can be taken out. Partial dentures are given if there are teeth still present in an arch, while full dentures help patients address the complete loss of top or bottom teeth.

Filling in missing teeth, whatever the reason for your tooth loss, is important for the aesthetic appeal of your smile, dental health, and total health. No matter how long you've been missing teeth, or even whether you have to get a dental extraction, our professionals at Downtown Boston Dental are happy to provide efficient solutions to help you conquer tooth loss. For those who want to find out more information about removable or fixed dentures, dental implants, and detachable or implant-retained bridges, reach out to our talented dental professionals in Boston, MA today and arrange your consultation.

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